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The Survivors

Daniel Evans

Xander is sixteen. He lives in a crumbling building in the Estate with a small group of others. As far as they know, they are the only survivors. Xander and his best friend Vicky are Scavengers - they have to scavenge simply to stay alive in the unforgiving heat and the bleak landscape.

Xander has an urgent desire to explore the endless desert Wastelands in the distance. He manages to persuade Kyle, their leader, to mount an expedition into the unknown territory. What have they got to lose?

What follows will severely test the bonds of friendship between Xander and Vicky, but this is not the greatest challenge they will face.

Their new home in the Wastelands is not all that it seems, and a far more lethal danger lurks outside...

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Daniel Evans was born and raised in Peterborough, England where he can be found wearing a hoodie in the summer and an even bigger hoodie in the winter. His nose will be stuck in a book with the same playlist playing on repeat in his ears. The Survivors is his first novel.