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The Sharkfish Man

Paul A. Kazakoff

The Sharkfish Man follows The Narcissus Touch in which a defence lawyer is accused of murdering his own client in the middle of a civil fraud trial in Calgary, Alberta. The crown prosecutor, Lloyd Nagano, whose nickname is 'Sharkfish', is satisfied with the guilt of the accused, but proving it becomes uncertain when an intermeddling judge attempts to tip the scales of justice. In the interim, Michael Bolta and Jacobus (Jake) Barton, the plaintiff's counsel in the fraud litigation, have to not only defend themselves from becoming implicated, but deal with their own personal issues involving two strong-willed women.

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Paul. A Kazakov graduated from law school in 1978. He was a sessional instructor in law for the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Calgary for the following two years. After being admitted to the Bar in 1981, he practiced in the civil litigation field for the following forty years before retiring in June of 2020. After retirement, he decided to take up writing and The Sharkfish Man is the sequel to his first novel, The Narcissus Touch, which shall be followed by the final instalment, Prodigal Passion. He has also published a historical WWII novel, Hard Kisses, Bitter Tears.