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The Killing Moon

Michael Robinson

Rob had witnessed the atrocities of war and was mentally drained from the horrors that he had seen. But the one horror he couldn't come to terms with was in his mind, where the war continued and the country he had fought so bravely for had ignored his mental anguish, leaving him a broken man trying to block out the ordeal with drink.


All he had ever learnt was to kill and his training as an SAS recruit was foremost in his mind when he set out on one daring last mission to find the gunmen responsible for kidnapping the little girl in Africa without knowing where she was or whether she was still alive.


He was followed by the authorities who had more than one interest in the result.


Can Rob rescue the girl from being trafficked and, at the same time, escape capture? Will he redeem himself and his demons?


Will they both stay alive?

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Michael Robinson had a difficult childhood and was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder at the age of seventeen.

At the age of twenty, Robinson joined the 4th Battalion Parachute Regiment, and later the 3rd Battalion Prince of Wales's Own Regiment. Upon passing out, he was awarded 'most improved recruit'.

Later into his military career, Robinson volunteered for the arduous 'Cambrian Patrol', a type of special forces training, with a view towards joining the SAS. However, during deployment in the Brecon Beacons, Robinson succumbed to hypothermia, and was ultimately sacked from the army on Christmas Eve after they had looked into his medical records.

From here, Robinson ended up in HM Prison Hull and later was locked up indefinitely under Section 37/41. He remained locked up for about three years and on release wrote about his experiences in his autobiography Sectioned: The Book the NHS Tried to Ban on Amazon Kindle.

As well as a soldier, other jobs Robinson has done include drummer for two successful groups, carer at a special needs school, chef, bouncer, driver and minder for a Hull escort agency. Also, he has an NVQ in catering, a diploma in Uniform Public Services, and has read law with criminology at university.

Robinson has been married to his long-term partner, Julie, for five years. He continues to support mental health campaigns with he