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The House of Skulls

Matthew Booth

London has been ravaged by the Second World War. Alex Priest, a private detective trying to come to terms with the way of life left behind, is hired to find a missing girl. His enquiries quickly uncover an illicit love affair and a connection to the city's underworld. As Priest digs deeper through the murders and lies, he discovers that the truth may be more terrible than he had imagined, as he finally confronts the true horrors of the House of Skulls...


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Matthew Booth is a writer of historical crime fiction, as well as being a short story writer and radio scriptwriter. As an expert in crime and supernatural fiction, Matthew has provided a number of academic talks on such subjects as Sherlock Holmes, the works of Agatha Christie, crime fiction, Count Dracula, horror fiction, and the facts and theories concerning the crimes of Jack the Ripper. He is a member of the Crime Writers' Association and is the primary editor of its monthly magazine, Red Herrings. He lives with his wife in Manchester, England.