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The Flatterys of Nodnol Hall

Paul Westlake

Following the death of Lord Donald Flattery of Nodnol Hall, his son Steven seems set to inherit the title of Lord of the Manor, along with his father's vast fortune, but can he keep his promise to give up his womanising, drinking and gambling habits in order to inherit the money? As members of the extended Flattery family, including Lady Cecilia, Steven's fiancée, and Lady Pamela, his first wife, gather for the funeral and the reading of his will, there are secrets and surprises in store. Meanwhile Hodson, the ever-loyal butler agrees to help Lord Steven with his plan to ensure that he and he alone will be the sole recipient of his father's money, but can Hodson be trusted in this instance?

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Paul Westlake (or to many old shipmates ‘Pops Westlake' being ex Royal Navy) is the second of four children (one brother and two younger sisters) born and bred in his beloved Plymouth, where he still lives today. Currently working at Plymouth University as a halls support assistant, but has had a varied employment history ranging from more recently security officer, to factory production, to road sweeper, roles that have enabled him to experience a variety of life and people.