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The Doomsday Machine

David C. Ayre

Alan Westbrook, an electronics and software engineer, has developed software that could be of enormous benefit to mankind, but could also unleash worldwide disaster. Governments, including his own, would go to any lengths to obtain his software, as would an individual with agendas of his own.

Should Alan give in and just sell it to one of them, whatever the consequences, or should he disappear into the countryside and hide? Or perhaps he could just destroy everything he has worked for.

But it is a hard thing to destroy your own brainchild, and what would happen if he secretly continued to develop his Doomsday Machine in the hope that he could restrict its use for the good of mankind?

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David C. Ayre was trained as an electronics engineer at Loughborough University and has worked in the electronic field most of his life, later concentrating more on software. He was born in Hertfordshire but has lived in North Yorkshire for the last forty-seven years where he enjoys walking in the wilder parts of the county as well as the Lake District with his wife, Muriel. He has a son and a daughter and two step-daughters, four grandchildren and one step-grandson. He is also very keen on painting and drawing and has been very involved with amateur theatre for many years. He has written several books for teenagers as well as several pantomimes and screen plays.