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The Cold Spot

Andy Millward

Greg Haliwell acquired his fortune, and his hell-raising reputation, back in the 1970s when he discovered The Twats - a blindingly successful band of the punk and post-punk era. In the present day, he is semi-retired - his only passion being his collection of handcrafted wristwatches. Greg feels compelled to write his memoirs - a cathartic admission of his many and varied sins.

The memoir is explosive, dealing not only with the successful rise of The Twats and Greg's affairs of the heart but also his introduction to the joys and perils of the Internet. Greg's forays into Internet dating and social media tie him up in scams and identity-theft, and he comes close to losing everything to a criminal mastermind known as The Acrobat. The memoir, which records his triumphant banishment of The Acrobat, is published to great success and acclaim.

But the publication of the memoir unleashes a darker turn of events. People in his close personal circle start to receive threatening poison-pen letters. Greg thoughts return to The Acrobat - has he inadvertently put his own life on the line?

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Andy started a writing group at school, entered playwriting competitions, and has been honing his craft ever since. His published works include e-books and short stories, and a website showcasing a range of fiction and non-fiction writings ( Cold Spot is Andy's third completed novel, with more in the series set to follow. Now retired from a 25-year stint as a healthcare business consultant, Andy is writing full-time. An enthusiastic amateur actor and cook, Andy lives in a 16th Century cottage in rural Essex with Molly the cat.