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The Chameleon

J. D. Throon

Jack always just wants to fit in with everyone else; always doing what they do rather than conquering the fear that stops him finding his own way in the world.

Always questioning his place in the world, he turns to alcohol, drinking more and more until his work at the bank suffers. After an evening's drinking in his local pub, he is on his way home when he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But that evening keeps returning to haunt him.

Try as he might, even turning his life around isn't enough. A new job in the City turns out to be the start of a hair-raising time which takes Jack from London to Brazil to Hong Kong.

Can he survive the dangers he encounters? Who can he trust? Will he ever be free of that long ago night?

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The author is an adventurous, travel loving person, whose love of life and learning has led to the experiences, the destinations and the journeys that shaped this story, leading to many encounters and challenging life situations which are evident in the writing of this book.