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The Boy in Black

Joshua Pomykala

Fighting for Hitler on the Russian Front was the last thing many a blue-eyed 'Aryan' boy ever wanted to do. So, what's a nice Jewish boy doing there, in his Wehrmacht uniform?


For Johan, he was just a boy who wanted to be nice. Instead, the outbreak of war forced him to escape his identity. He must make himself fight, and even kill, if he wants to keep his secret. Clinging to his hope of being re-united with his sister and mother, the only surviving members of his family before they were taken to the camps, he now has little more than the bonds of comradeship to keep him alive.


As Hans Adler, Johan must make himself fight people who are not his enemies, and become something he is not. From Stalingrad to the outskirts of Moscow, he must come to terms with death, with what it does to a man, and how to face it.


But what lengths will a boy of nineteen years go to, in order to keep his secret?

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Joshua Pomykala resides in Western Australia, having worked in state and local government extensively. Whilst being an avid writer, he is also the founder of a political movement in Australia, and is on numerous committees of various community organisations.


He began writing seriously at the age of 17, the product of which essays, articles and manuscripts began to develop. This is his debut novel.