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Greg Hughes

Craig Hughson has vanished. While Michael Stern desperately searches their yacht for any trace of his friend, he discovers a hidden bookcase containing journals that reveal an explosive narrative. As part of a grander scheme to justify excessive military reprisals, a covert wing of the Secret Intelligence Service has conducted operations responsible for the most horrific terrorist events the world has ever witnessed. Flashing back over thirty years, the extremely traumatic events that moulded the lives of Craig and another man, Calum Hunter, play out in explosive fashion. Traversing the globe through a series of savage acts, sexual deviance, and emotional ordeals, we gradually discover small ways in which these two men may be more alike than we first imagined. Subterfuge dives headfirst into the realities of deeply entrenched emotional trauma, domestic abuse, and the very real danger of one's rapidly deteriorating mental health impacting one's dearest interpersonal relationships.

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Greg is a South African businessman who, after a long career in media, sold his publishing and property businesses in 2014. As the son of a former Associated Press and Reuters foreign correspondent, he has always had a keen interest in news and creative storytelling and worked as a journalist for many years, having written numerous articles and editorials published in journals and magazines, across print and online. This is his first work of fiction. Greg now lives, and continues to write, in London.