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Spy and Spy Again

Ray Saunders

Spy and Spy Again is a fast-action thrilling story featuring MI6 agent Matt Sands, an intrepid Englishman with a passion for good food, fine wine and beautiful women. His mission brings excitement and danger as he encounters conflict with both the CIA and Chinese Triads.

The thrill of the chase and involvement with women who match his endeavour make this a gripping story. Set in Switzerland and the south of France during the 1960s, it has all the atmosphere and style of that era.

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Despite the disadvantages of an impoverished childhood during the great depression of the 1930s and teenage years during the six years of WW2, Ray overcame his lack of education and dyslexia to live a full and eventful life.
His many achievements and adventures hold a message for everyone, no matter what their beginnings.
His philosophy has always been to have your dream and then work towards it. Ray maintains that there are twenty-four hours in everyone's day, whoever and wherever you are, so that is a starting point that we all share.
He had the advantage of a long and happy marriage with his beloved wife, Jill, who supported him throughout their sixty-two years together.