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Slither - A Tale of Sin

Deborah Fisher

Eloise adores Matthew. He is handsome, wealthy, charming and attentive. He swept her off her feet. But the honeymoon is barely over before Eloise realises that her marriage is not all that it should be. Matthew is controlling every aspect of her life. She has every material possession that money can buy, but she is bored and isolated. Her best friend, Valerie, is less than enthusiastic about Matthew, although she keeps her thoughts to herself for now.


Eloise engages Candice to provide marriage counselling. Candice is quick to assess the power imbalance in the relationship and her instinct is to tell Eloise to leave him - and leave quickly. But that's not her job. And in any case, she finds Matthew strangely compelling...


Valerie's business is in trouble and she is forced to approach Matthew for financial help. Candice's obsession with Matthew is spiralling out of control, and when he calls her and asks her out, she is powerless to refuse.


Slither depicts a complex and deceitful web of relationships between three women and one powerful, cynical and manipulative man.

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Deborah Fisher was born in 1962 and currently lives in Ballito, South Africa. Slither - A Tale of Sin is her first novel.