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Shaw Intervention

Xavier Wallace

Agent Max Shaw, AKA Prince, went rogue nine years ago and has been on the run ever since. One by one he has been picking off the remaining players in The Sixteen. But it now seems that he has gone too far, and his morals and ethics have gone out the window as innocent bystanders get in the way. Or has he?

This time there's a new enemy; a replacement of The Sixteen that has taken world domination to a higher level. And now the threat is coming from much closer to home.
Who are the terrorists and who are the innocent? Who seek to destroy the world and who want to save it? Who will get caught in the crossfire and who will live to tell the tale?
And where is Agent Max Shaw?

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Xavier Wallace was born and raised in regional New South Wales. He attended the University of Newcastle where he studied business, before moving to Canberra to work for the Australian Government in various fields for a decade. Xavier has an enthusiastic curiosity for politics, government, national security, journalism, philosophy and history. He is a strong advocate for equality and human rights, especially LGBTI+ rights. Live music, thriller novels and action movies are among his interests, as well as spending time with family and friends. Xavier Wallace is the author of the Max Shaw thriller series.