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Savagery and Saviors

Ken Hollern

Cole Newman, coping with the death of his wife by working incessantly, becomes trapped in a shipping container and loaded aboard an international cargo ship smuggling lucrative and terrified merchandise. Cast into the middle of an international child trafficking ring, Cole is rescued by Rochelle, an undercover reporter more fearless and capable than any person he's ever met. Their quest to rescue abducted children would take them from California to Singapore and into the heart of genocidal Sudan. Powerful men, professional killers, cannot let them succeed. Their fate and those they vowed to save would eventually rest in the hands of an African boy, a prodigy leading his village from slaughter through the wilds of Africa

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Every small, random choice alters our destiny. Turn down the left aisle instead of the right in a supermarket and meet your future spouse. Drive the backroads home on a whim and avoid a crash you never know would have happened. Join a writing group and strike up a rapport with a former editor who thinks you have talent and create a novel. Savagery and Saviors explores fate and how even the most inconsequential choice can impact whole peoples on the other side of the world. This work is tragic and touching, as is life.