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Samuel's Truth

Ruth Skrine

Samuel, a loving family man, is married not only to his wife, Clare, but also to God.
When hooded figures attack a Sikh man outside his house, he goes to help. He too becomes the focus of their unrelenting blows.

With his world changed, his faith in doubt and his marriage failing, he is on the edge of despair.
Increasing immigration, and the fear of pollution from the newly opened nuclear power station, threaten his town.

How can he keep his parishioners and his children safe?

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Ruth Skrine has been writing fiction for the last fifteen years after a professional life as a doctor. She worked in general practice, family planning and psychosexual medicine and has a particular interest in the links between early experience and adult relationships.


Her passionate concern for the future of the environment is combined with a belief that stories can raise our awareness of the dangers threatening the world in which we live.