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Rama's Bridge

Ray Smithies

Michael Fontana is heir-apparent to the Sicilian mob; the Ionian Family, run by his father-in-law-to-be, Alfonso Milardo. The Godfather tells Michael of an age-old secret involving a mysterious bridge - Rama's Bridge - which he describes as an ancient, possibly man-made footbridge between India and Sri Lanka. Hidden somewhere within or under this bridge, he tells Fontana, is a precious relic: a solid-gold piece called the Setu cast in the shape of Rama's Bridge itself. The Godfather entrusts Michael with a mission to retrieve this relic but warns him that there are others, more dangerous stakeholders who are also interested in the Setu.


Rama's Bridge, a combination of greed, anxiety and betrayal, is a fast-paced story of adventure, raw emotion and the unexpected. It encompasses not only the excitement of a treasure hunt, but also the strategy employed to keep one step ahead of the enemy who threaten to bring down the Ionian empire. Told against the alluring countryside of Sri Lanka, Sicily, Bavaria and Turkey, it also entices the reader to separate fact from fiction.


Sometimes you must risk all, sometimes you must lose all, but what will be the price Michael Fontana pays and who will win the race to finally capture the sought-after icon?

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Australian author, Ray Smithies, continues in crime fiction with the suspense thriller, Rama's Bridge. He lives with his wife, Pauline, in the Yarra Valley wine district, a short distance from Melbourne. Educated at RMIT University and Ovens College, Ray has also taken an active interest in sports medicine and is a qualified sports therapist. He has lectured to triathlon sporting groups on the subject of injury prevention. Ray has devoted time to assist charitable groups and organisations with respect to diagnoses and hands-on therapy. Additional to writing; music, the arts and sport have all played key roles throughout Ray's life.