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Operation Fulcrum Storm

Paul Hart

Nothing is how it appears. The waves of pandemics have depleted resources and energy resulting in governments and national intelligence agencies being caught ‘sleeping at the wheel'. The desire for power drives despots to commit the most extreme atrocities, even if this means billions of people may die in the process. The world is teetering on the edge of mass genocide, and no one can see the looming threat except one man, who will prove to be the catalyst for action by the UK intelligence agencies. The risks are unimaginable should Operation Fulcrum Storm fail, leading to a near extinction level event for the Western world or, at best, World War Three unleashing unthinkable destruction. The threat facing the free world is in magnitude many times worse than that of Nazi Germany of the Second World War or the rule of Genghis Khan; can it be neutralised? The rewards lie in the hands of a small band of intelligence and military specialists.

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The author hails from a modest working-class background with minimal early education. Joining the Royal Air Force as an airman in 1980, Paul Hart took steps to make good on his chequered early life. Commissioned in his early twenties against all odds, he went on to a varied nineteen-year career in the RAF, leaving in the rank of squadron leader. Working in an intelligence role and with the British Army, the author has a perspective which brings life to his fiction writing. Subsequent career manifestations include being a hotelier and owning a successful commercial estate agency. Taking early retirement, he now resides in Inverness, Scotland, with his wife, Mandy, and between bouts of golf and various forms of exercise, he has turned his hand to putting pen to paper (figuratively).