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Midnight Shopping

Trisha Caress

No one is safe if his path is crossed. But could love change it all?

Rodger is a troubled soul. Traumatised by emotional and physical abuse as a child, his reaction to the infidelity of his girlfriend lands Rodger in prison. His treatment there intensifies Rodger's emotional and mental descent and, on release, Rodger wreaks revenge on those he feels has wronged him...

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I am a working mother of three beautiful children: Mica, my diamond; Jeremiah, my sunshine; and Josiah, my star. My husband is John, my heart, I love them all so deeply, and without their support this wouldn't be possible. My passion for writing, and different styles of writing, has been with me for the longest time. My other books include I Am Black - a personal outlook on life from a perspective of black person; and my children's forever series of books My Name is Raisin, - explaining to children that even though we are all different we are the same.