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Living in Maine Will Grow on You

Lawrence Bartlett

Sally Brown is a genius. She is not happy at being uprooted yet again. Her father's new job as lead engineer at Billings Shipyard means a new town, a new home and a new school. But soon, Sally teams up with IT geek, Henry, and budding journalist, Shelia, and life takes a turn for the better. However, not all of the staff at Billings Shipyard are as they seem and soon her father, and in turn Sally, are embroiled in a case of international espionage, treason, murder and abduction. How far does the corruption go? Who can they trust? It doesn't take a genius to see they are all in great danger.


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Lawrence Bartlett was born and raised in Maine. Following attendance at Tulane University in New Orleans where he earned a Master of Architecture, and several later years of employment in Philadelphia, he and his wife moved back to Maine. Currently, he is retired following twenty-seven years as an electrical engineer and owner of a consulting engineering firm. Mr. Bartlett presently serves as a volunteer supporting youth through various community organizations and at the local high school.