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Infinitesimal Gradations

Mark Keating

Orphaned in infancy in Ireland and raised in rural Berkshire before his aunt sent him packing to boarding school, George Eccles thought he knew enough about insecurity, fear and disappointment when he finds quiet contentment working in a joinery in rural England.


When he manages to finish writing a horror novel, should he be delighted or distrustful when a publisher tells him it will be a bestseller?


Has life prepared George for the insecurity, fear and disappointment of fame? Or will his adult life become another nightmare in which nothing, not even love, is what it seems? Is he wearing his art on his sleeve, his sources of inspiration waiting in the wings to expose him as a plagiariser, or has paranoia shaken his confidence in his originality?


Colourful and intriguing, Infinitesimal Gradations takes readers on a wild and scary ride that tells of fame, the price of fame - and of what lies beyond.

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Mark Keating from Fossa in County Kerry was born on February 26, 1985. He was educated in St Brendan's College and after completing an electrical apprenticeship, he followed his passion and moved to Carragh, County Kildare to ride race horses for the legendary trainer, Arthur Moore. While in Kildare, he also completed a horsemanship course and began writing for the horse racing magazine 3 Furlongs Out, as well as keeping his own blog, Mark's fascination with the dream logic of David Lynch's movies, the avant garde writing of James Joyce and the stream of consciousness vision in Maya Deren's work, inspired him to write short stories and in 2017 he self-published the novella The Drowning. On the day of it's release, he finished the first draft of what would be his first novel Infinitesimal Gradations.