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Gold War

Terry Dee

Seventy-five years after the Second World War, Samuel Plant's great grandson, Sebastian, makes an interesting discovery while rummaging in his father's loft.
At the same time, good Samaritan Tom Paige, working for a charity, makes the same finding but from another source. Could the two of them work together to solve the mystery and possibly gain unimaginable wealth?
Love, greed, jealousy, pleasure and treachery, as well as fast cars and luxury boats, could all lead to the answer, or to nothing. Will the glamorous Jennifer help them in their endeavours or is there trouble ahead?

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They say that, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks... well, thank goodness I am not an old dog...
So, why write this story now? Well, ten years ago, at the age of fifty-three, my wife, Sheila, got early onset dementia, Alzheimer's disease.
Then I had an accident that broke my arm and collar bone.
So, at the age of sixty-three, I finally sat down, and with one finger I tapped at the keyboard.
Writing has now become my therapy; it got me over the bad thoughts, an escapism from the illness that my wife is going through.
When I am writing, there is no real world, just the ones I am in with my characters.