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Cursing the Darkness

Rex W Last

In Nuremberg a small group of citizens resolves to fight back against the pitiless dominance of the Nazi régime. Dr Johann Voss is tormented by his political impotence, but he sees a first opportunity to act when a strange patient knocks on his door in the middle of the night seeking medical attention for two bullet wounds. Others join the group, and they embark on a series of daring undertakings: rescuing a Jewish family from a wagon in Nuremberg's railway marshalling yards, dramatically shaming an SS officer who raped the family's 14-year-old daughter, and causing the spectacular public downfall of an infamous local Nazi aristocrat. In the end Johann is captured by the SS officer whom he humiliated for his actions. The group succeed in releasing Johann from the Gestapo interrogation cells, and their exploits bring unexpected opportunities to try and stem the Nazi tide.

If you enjoy this book, you'll love Operation Seagull, out soon.

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Rex Last was Professor of Modern Languages at the University of Dundee from 1981-1991 after nearly two decades in the German Department of Hull University. He has written books on topics from Hans Arp, German Dadaism, E. M. Remarque and Erich Kästner to artificial intelligence and computer-assisted instruction for the language teacher.
He also edited the pioneering computerised Arthurian Bibliography and has translated a number of books including Willy Brandt's wartime memoirs, a study of Max Ernst, a biography of the early peace campaigner Bertha von Suttner, and an account of President Gustav Heinemann of West Germany.
Now retired as Professor Emeritus, he writes computer programs, designs websites and has written countless articles for a number of computer magazines. For information on his other current study guides, fiction and humour, please see the following pages.
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