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Chloe's Catch

Cori Melvers

Kathy Doe, a retired naval officer, works for a US agency in South Florida responsible for solving crime. Kathy meets Sarah Sandling, a University of Miami professor in the College of Medicine while working out at the local gym. Sarah studies plants to determine their medicinal properties. Her recent acquisition of a German shepherd puppy leads her to a run in with Dirk, a businessman who owns a robotics company. Dirk might be involved in more than just a search for the girl with a puppy who almost ran him over on the sidewalk outside the commuter train station. The Miami-Dade County coroner draws Kathy and Sarah into reviewing the cause for multiple deaths. South Florida is full of crazy people and Kathy and Sarah encounter plenty during their investigation. This newly paired team find friendship, a public health problem, infatuation, and death in the Sunshine State.

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Cori Melvers is a scientist, writer, and author of the new novel, Chloe's Catch. Trained as a researcher and healthcare professional, Cori spent her time reading and writing articles and chapters for textbooks. After years of reading mysteries and other pop culture genres, she is now telling her own stories about smart women with strong character and a dark sense of humor. She has her own dark sense of humor that is a defense mechanism developed from years of working with the public. She is passionate about good pizza and has a soft spot for German shepherds. She has lived in multiple regions of the United States and has travelled around the world, providing education to professionals, and sightseeing. She is settled in South Florida, one of her favorite spots on the planet.