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Jeff Sillett

Set in London in 2015, around the time of the infamous Hatton Garden robbery. Another heist was being planned no more than three miles from Hatton Garden and the week following that robbery.

Six men plot an ‘old school' raid on the couriers who are transporting high value merchandise across London from Heathrow airport. However, the ill-fated Hatton Garden robbery inadvertently plays a part in their plans being scuppered. The wives and girlfriends step up to play a bigger part in the robbery to ensure it goes ahead.

A story of strong women and greedy men, love, murder and intrigue. The action travels across London to Bahrain and on to South Africa in this fast-paced drama.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Jeff Sillett was born and educated in South London at the local Grammar school in Kennington.

A career in football alluded Jeff despite a spell at West Ham United and being chosen for the England under eighteen squad.

Careers in Banking and IT have allowed Jeff to travel the world, but his early days in South London are the backdrop for his first book featuring Bubbles, a London black cab driver, and his rocky road to wealth.

Jeff now lives in the countryside of Buckinghamshire, a far cry from his colourful upbringing in Bermondsey.