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Charlie Summer

Mansoor is a happily married, honest and successful businessman. As he leaves for work one morning, waving goodbye to his wife, Haleefa, he never anticipates their extended separation. He has no reason to suspect that this day will not end like any other. Nothing has prepared him for the events that will unfold.

In the city, a band of petty street criminals are seeking their next mark. They need money; they need a plan. And one gang member has the connections that might lead to the successful execution of their plotting. But do they have the necessary experience required?

A ransom demand is issued, with explicit instructions that under no circumstances should contact be made with the authorities.

Mansoor's family and friends have a decision to make. Should they comply with the gang's orders and pay up, or should they utilise their own contacts to try to secure Mansoor's release?

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Born in Droitwich, UK, I am a retired manufacturing engineer with over forty years' experience in the automotive industry. During the last twenty-five years of service, while working on overseas manufacturing projects, I travelled extensively to Russia, Asia, the Far East, Africa, and Europe. Meeting and working with a rich mix of wonderful people made my working life an absolute pleasure and has given me so many treasured memories and experiences which have been utilised in this work. Back home, I enjoy sports such as football, cricket and rugby and am currently a keen and active golfer. I have a fantastic, supportive and loving family and have been happily married for nearly twenty years.