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Adversary Mine

Tony Angus

In this sequel to the thriller, Redemption Mine, embattled alcoholic PI, Callum Thomas, must locate Stephanie, the missing sister of a police detective. But, when an old flame dies a horrible death before his eyes and people from a photograph start being killed, Callum can only wonder what has been unleashed.

Trying to protect the vivacious Stephanie, whilst the prime suspect in the murder of an informant, Callum starts to uncover an international incident that started years ago with the theft of uncut diamonds.

Callum must not only fight the demons within, but square off against an adversary unlike any he has encountered before. But, when the going gets tough...


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Tony Angus is a native of Australia, born and raised in the south-east state of Victoria. After living for a few years in the USA Tony became a Victorian cop. He spent the final six years of his career with Victoria Police teaching weapons and tactics.

Following this, Tony established a very successful corporate training company, teaching organisations to manage conflict and critical incidents.

Tony is a forty-year veteran of the martial arts, having variously studied boxing, Kenpo 5.0 (his primary art, for which he is now a 6th degree black belt), Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

This is Tony's second novel.