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To Muddy Death

Andrew Hyde

Refugees run away from oppression or violence, right? Not always. Hannah Foster has fled from a painful betrayal by people she loved.
Hannah's asylum is a public swimming pool in an Essex town. Here is work she enjoys, and a seedy flat as home. But the past seems to haunt her. The ghost of her boyfriend? Of her best friend? Somebody different? Or just her imaginings? She questions her resolve, her sexuality and her sanity.
She turns for help to retired priest Alain, who investigates the supernatural despite his own troubled mental health and profound scepticism. Whilst Alain, hungry for truth, is a support, other parts of Hannah's life are not - an unsympathetic boss, a philandering landlord who wants more than rent; and a clearly human stalker.
Alain, and a new friend, Seán, support her but the threat is deadly and personal. Can Hannah and her friends find the resources they need to thwart a deadly peril?

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Andrew Hyde is retired from a career as a tax investigator and a trainer of tax investigators, the latter role requiring him to have produced instruction manuals, scripts for short movies and computer games.
Living in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex with his wife, Lesley, he occupies himself as a leader of walks in the most beautiful parts of Britain on behalf of the UK's largest provider of activity holidays, as a church steward, as an occasional writer and usually failing to complete the Guardian crossword. He is a keen though sluggish cyclist, an avid collector of bad jokes, and since childhood has followed Colchester United FC through thin and even thinner.
This is his first novel.