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The London Hero


A severely injured woman, and sole survivor, is found underneath the rubble after a disastrous terrorist attack in London. The bombing has left forty-seven dead and the country in a state of panic. Interpol's Special Agent Curtis is the investigative lead and there is no doubt on his mind: the survivor is former Special Agent Vanima, his ex-colleague.

Alexandra Vanima was not only one of his best, she was also the one who took the hardest fall from grace after Interpol covered up her accusations. The pain led her down a dark path of alcohol and drug abuse all the way to self-harm. As Interpol tries to keep her from telling the truth, they also come to realise she is the only person who could identify the terrorist responsible. But after all the trauma, who can trust who?

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Y.B? is an anonymous author, originally from The Netherlands. The author spent several years travelling the world and working for non-profit organisations. The author started writing The London Hero whilst living in New Zealand, and finished the work in Belgium, where the author still resides.