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Justice Delayed

Pat Marlow

Kate Meredith was about to witness a post mortem on a mutilated body found in strange circumstances. Not her favourite part of the job as a detective sergeant, but it had to be done.

The dead man's past uncovered an historic abuse case involving vulnerable boys at a children's home. Something unspeakable had been happening and Kate was about to uncover the sordid and sinister details. A child had been molested and died but the lack of evidence, and a less than convincing coroner's report, urged them into reopening the case.

Investigations took them to France and the search for a priest who was the chief suspect.

When other victims came forward years later to corroborate the story, they were able to finally bring to justice the criminals involved.

But the priest wasn't the only abuser and the secrets revealed by an old computer helped uncover the final sinister story to get the evil perpetrators prosecuted.

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Pat Marlow was born in Hartlepool and lives in Bournemouth and in France. After three years at art college, she worked in Turkey and the Sudan teaching English as a foreign language.

Having brought up her four children, Pat decided to study Law and was called to the Bar after five years of studying. After working for the Crown Prosecution Service, she practised independently as a criminal barrister. This is her first book.