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Charlie Summer

Uncle J was a member of a gang of street criminals who failed in a million-dollar kidnap attempt in his home country. Knowing that the criminal underworld considered Uncle J as one of the gang leaders of this disastrous felony, his long-standing reputation as a successful warlord and feared criminal was in tatters. In order to restore his name and reputation, Uncle J embarks on a revenge kidnap attempt. This time, he wants to call the shots and choose the targets and location for the extractions.
From his prison cell, Uncle J meets up with a key individual with links to The Cell. This time, Uncle J wants to use The Cell, but stamp his authority and name to the kidnapping plan's failure is not an option. Leaving no detail to chance, Uncle J and his newfound friend plan and execute a risky but rewarding crime. But does Uncle J get things his own way?
Follow Uncle on his quest for revenge and wealth.

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Born in Droitwich, UK, I am a retired manufacturing engineer with over forty years' experience in the automotive industry. During the last twenty-five years of service, while working on overseas manufacturing projects, I travelled extensively to Russia, Asia, the Far East, Africa, and Europe. Meeting and working with a rich mix of wonderful people made my working life an absolute pleasure and has given me so many treasured memories and experiences which have been utilised in this work. Back home, I enjoy sports such as football, cricket and rugby and am currently a keen and active golfer. I have a fantastic, supportive and loving family and have been happily married for nearly twenty years.