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Second Chance

C.M. Bryden

The title says it all!

Love is the golden thread weaving these delightful stories of second chances together.

First, we have Marie Townsend, who meets Sebastian and proves that it is never too late for a heavenly romance!

Charlie Ludlow's tale is the longest with second chances for him and the widowed Eleanor Gatsby. The message here is that no experience, however long, grim and unmerited, need have the last word or leave a legacy of bitterness.

In Mitchel Weston and Cassidy Thompson, two wayward boys take their second chance. Love is seen to triumph over prejudice. Life takes these young men in very different directions but both lead to acceptance of themselves and others and consequent happiness.

Finally, we have The Seven Deadly Sins divided into short but connected tales, all very charming. The final words of the final story summarize that golden thread:


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Born in Coventry two years before the start of the Second World War, Christine was the youngest of three children, her two brothers being several years older. To be safe from the bombing in Coventry, a city that was to experience huge amounts of damage, she was sent away to Yorkshire, to live with an aunt and uncle in Bradford, where she stayed for the duration of the war.
After the war she returned to live with her family, returning with a noticeable Yorkshire accent, which even now after many years of living in Cornwall, can still be detected.
Married to her beloved Jeffrey and with two children, they moved house several times until fate intervened and they finally moved to Cornwall in 1983, not to retire but to work. Thirty years later Christine and her husband are now both happily retired.
While her husband is busy in the garden she spends her time writing, something she's always done but not seriously until she retired from work. Since then it's become an addiction that cannot be cured!