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What does this pill do then?

John Jones

This is a fictional, chaotic, humorous yarn of corporate greed and how companies, in cahoots with governments and councils, want to manipulate the people of the land into being more subservient and less bloody militant.

The plan is to change the food we eat by incorporating a special additive that will make us doff our caps a whole lot more and stop us questioning them. It will make our buying habits more predictable and obvious and turn us into sheeple, making the corporates a load more money in the process.

This heinous idea doesn't quite go to plan, though. A few intrepid, ‘sod youze' types have cottoned onto this devious plan and go all out to stop and expose it and the devious companies and politicians behind it.

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Born on ‘The Wirral' and a ‘Firbob' apparently (maybe I'm the last one?). I entered the power industry with an unimpressive two O levels as an apprentice at the age of sixteen and, four years later was spat out as a mechanical craftsman. I worked within the same industry at various locations and under various job titles for umpteen years thereafter meeting some excellent and some not so excellent people on the way (you know who you are). Went over to live in New Zealand for ten years then came back and settled in my home county, that of Cheshire.