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Wednesday's Child

Carol Glidewell

After a terrible tragedy in Chloe Johnson's life, she moves away to a small town, where she buys a unit in a converted manor house. She has three other neighbours, but she keeps to herself as she is afraid of getting hurt anew. This decision is taken out of her hands when she meets the dramatic Joe, his husband Daniel, the sweet older couple, the Angels, and the handsome, enigmatic Adam.

In this tale, which is both hilarious and very moving, we get to see what it means to create a new family from a group of mismatched people, all with their own histories. The one thing that shines through here is that love does indeed conquer all: love of friends who have turned into a family, and that all we need to do is find such friends and be such friends and then we can face anything life throws at us.

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I left school with no qualifications so when my children became adults I took myself off to college and then to university, something I never ever thought I could do at the grand old age of fifty plus. Now I am a full time nurse, surrogate mum to a feisty small dog and spend my time reading writing or puttering around the allotment with my husband of thirty plus years, so never think you're too old or you've left it to late just go for it and you never know what can happen.