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Paula Guildea

In the heat of a summer break in Dublin, Darcy, a university student in her final year, navigates a world steeped in the complexities of woke culture. As her peers immerse themselves in the fervour of social justice and activism, Darcy grapples with the pressure to conform, feeling like an outsider in her own life.

Behind closed doors, Darcy bears the weight of a secret world. She is the silent guardian of her grandmother, a woman lost to the clutches of dementia. In the shadows of her responsibilities, Darcy conceals the haunting tragedy of losing her parents in a devastating accident, shielding herself from the pitying glances of her friends.

Amidst the societal expectations and her hidden burdens, Darcy seeks solace in the embrace of someone unexpected during moments of vulnerability. However, the truth remains elusive as she wrestles with the intricacies of her own desires, morals and confusion.

At the heart of Darcy's journey is Jessica, an ex-lover whose presence looms large, a constant reminder of the crux moments that shaped her past. Their tangled history serves as a mirror reflecting Darcy's inner struggles, forcing her to confront the layers of deception she has woven to protect herself.

"Want" is a poignant exploration of identity, loss, and the ever-evolving landscape of woke culture. In a world where authenticity is both a shield and a vulnerability, Darcy must navigate the delicate balance between the person she presents to the world and the one she discovers within herself. Will she find the courage to strip away the veils shrouding her true reflections?

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Paula Guildea lives in County Dublin, Ireland. she teaches Esol and creative writing, and spends time with family. Paula has a BA Degree in English literature, a Higher Diploma in further education and a MA in creative writing.