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Three Brummie hotshots

Keith Fisher

Three different stories but each with a link to England's second city, Birmingham.
We have Dave, whose life after conscription in the army took him to Japan, Korea and Germany. Later he was paid to kill a high ranking Russian by a woman whose family he had destroyed.
Then we have Charley, whose interest and aptitude in diamonds took him to northern Europe and eventually rich pickings in the Far East and Singapore in particular.
Then we have Lionel whose police work led to various overseas trips including North America, Mexico and Canada.
One other factor that has a common theme is that they are all hot shots when it comes to shooting...

The cover photo of two Birmingham Corporation buses is thanks to Phil Ireland and comes from the Transport Museum Wythall.

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Dr Keith Fisher has been a chemist all his working life and has lived in several countries.
He was born in 1940 in Birmingham during the bombing. He grew up in Birmingham and, after passing the eleven-plus, went to grammar school in Smethwick.
After leaving grammar school, he went to work in a couple of laboratories and did his degree in chemistry part-time. He then went to Canada to start his postgraduate degree, which he finished at the University of London in England.
After gaining his PhD, he went to America for five years and had several teaching appointments at universities. After returning to the UK he took up a post at the University of Lagos, later followed by a post at the University of Khartoum in the Sudan. Thirteen years in Africa were followed by two years in Canada and finally, in 1989, he came to Australia.