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The Human Machine at work

Adam Gillespie

In retirement, Stephen looks back on his career, and in particular, specific moments that he feels have been very important in allowing him to develop his understanding in how organisations operate and how people could adapt to operate more effectively within them. Having begun to consider what he might have done differently during his career, he is invited to meet up with two former colleagues and discuss how they all remember their time together. Shortly afterwards, he is invited to meet up with one of the suppliers to the organisation he has just left, and he is both surprised and relieved to learn that the supplier had the same impression of it as did Stephen and his closest colleagues.

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Adam Gillespie had a fascination with motor vehicles from early childhood and this led him to follow a career in engineering. While vehicles and their design characteristics were the focus of his attention, he soon realised that interaction with his colleagues was vital in carrying out his work activities. Understanding people was also vital if the goals of the job were to be achieved.