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The Ghanaian Woman

Paul Westlake

Unlucky in love, Peter Leighton has decided to travel to exotic Ghana to meet the lovely Jennifer.

Pete and Jennifer have been communicating online for a while and now they are finally going to meet in person. His family and friends think he's daft, but that's not going to stop Pete.

Everything about this trip is an adventure for Pete who's only really been abroad to Spain on the odd family holiday.

Follow Pete on his travels including an interesting journey by plane and taxi (driven by smiley, music loving Max) to his chosen resort on the coast of Ghana.

Does he meet Jennifer? Who else does he meet along the way? What is it like to be on holiday in a country like Ghana which is so different to your own? And what happens when he eventually returns home?

Follow Pete's adventures from England to Ghana and back.

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Paul Westlake (or to many old shipmates ‘Pops Westlake' being ex Royal Navy) is the second of four children (one brother and two younger sisters) born and bred in his beloved Plymouth, where he still lives today. Currently working at Plymouth University as a halls support assistant, but has had a varied employment history ranging from more recently security officer, to factory production, to road sweeper, roles that have enabled him to experience a variety of life and people.