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The Fisherboys

Terence M. Channell

Tom McArdle feels like something of an outsider compared to his classmates, in small-town Australia. That is, until he meets Eddie, and a lifelong friendship is born. Together they navigate through the hurdles and setbacks littering the path towards their ultimate dream - that of owning their own fishing boat. But not everything is plain sailing as both friends face their own problems and challenges - Eddie's troubled home life and Tom's new-found relationship with Eva, the girl of his dreams. But the greatest challenge of all is on the horizon. Will their friendship survive the fate that lies ahead? The Fisherboys is a moving story of friendship, love and tragedy spanning the decades.

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Terence Channell has enjoyed a long association with the sea, initially as a member of the Royal Australian Navy, including a deployment to the Vietnam War, then later as a soldier with the Australian Army's small ships' section. He has worked on assembly lines, been a salesman, managed maritime-related companies and coordinated human resources in several organizations.


He has travelled the world extensively and now, in his retirement, tours Australia with his 4-wheel-drive, caravan, and his dogs, Skipper and Jess. Terence occupies his leisure time working on his next novel.