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The Elusive Silver Lining

Christine Wilson

Unexpected economic hardship catapults this timid, middle-aged woman into the work force. Her employer, a kindly parish priest, accompanies her on the roller-coaster journey and provides support to confront past demons and face the future, whatever that will be. Her admirable, steely determination and grit are inspiring given the constraints of the day, and the place of women in the white, male dominated society of sixty or more years ago. Her feckless husband can hardly recognise the woman he married. The question is... can he withstand the heat in her kitchen?


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Christine was born and brought up in Christchurch, New Zealand. She was lucky enough to experience a rich literary background with her grandmother, mother and aunts all being published writers and poets. She has worked in the education sector, mainly as an English teacher, and more recently as a school guidance counsellor. To date, her published work has been academic research; this book is her first venture into fiction. She has three adult children who have long flown the coop and lives with her husband in Christchurch. Family, friends, sport, reading and gardening consume her free time.