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The Colourful World in Nickolai Gold Volume III

Lela Sara

Into the swell of everything. They seek their paths.

Once again, Gold and Plumpy Pout wander into countless dimensions.

Whilst the mixtures become full. Whilst the circular table of elements hums the scribbles. And whilst Aluna de Harmonica rhymes the constancy of things. They have edged.

In Milk Street. They rustle the coffee beans and tweak the baker's bakes.

At the Enchanting Clifftops. They figure out the tinges and test the sugary coatings.

In the Archways. They nourish the Chocolate Farm and sample its ingredients.


And, in the Lighthouse by the lake. They join the merriment and festivities of everything.

Astoundingly, where their wanders lead them. They hula hoop the waves with the scrolls in their grasp.

Along with Elder Sooty and Lengthy Just Misty Twig. They carry the loads in their backpacks with their shoulders intact.

Will the waves in their paths make them hold on to the scrolls?


Will they figure out the matter that utters the cure?

Or will the havoc of it all take the festive tidings off their grasps?

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Lela Sara is a free thinker who endeavors to explore the mystical realms in the real world. She possesses the habit of moving from place to place, tirelessly chasing rainbows from beginning to end.

Driven by her free-spirited approach, she writes her dreamscapes with a sense of quirkiness that astounds the rest, compiling each curve with the lines and dots. She creates an abstract piece of literary puzzle that enthralls the soul, body and mind.