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The Chasms of the Night

Jesús Carazo

In 1994, Mario Pallochi, an Argentinian author living in Spain, receives a strange book in the post: The Anatomy of Plants (1874). Since he has no interest in botany, Mario cannot work out why it was sent to him. Or who sent it.

But there is more to the book than initially meets the eye. Its pages hide a message relating to the recent, inexplicable disappearance of the acerbic and highly regarded literary critic and author, Germán Altabella. Altabella's last words detail the staggering events of that summer, when a peculiar exchange with the enigmatic, elusive Hilario Campillo lured him to an isolated country house with the promise of an incredible literary encounter...

Layers of intrigue shroud this peculiar account and draw the reader into a strange vortex of shadows and time. Who is Hilario Campillo and what really happened to Germán Altabella?

And on this hot Spanish summer night, fictional characters and characters stranger than fiction reach out to snatch us into a place both familiar and unknown.

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Jesús Carazo was born in Burgos, Spain, and now lives in Bordeaux. He has published eighteen novels and twenty plays, winning many literary prizes. El soñador furtivo [Furtive Dreamer] was named one of the top 100 YA novels of the 20th century. His plays have been performed around the world. One of them, Último verano en el paraíso [Final Summer in Paradise], won Spain's most famous international award for dramatic literature, the Lope de Vega prize, in 2004.

The Chasms of the Night was awarded the prestigious Ateneo-Ciudad de Valladolid prize in Spain and has also been published in France.