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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

John Goddard

Many familiar faces... and some new ones.

Although life at the college appears to continue as normal, there is great disturbance below the surface. A new deputy is a disturbing influence, as is his wife. Doug Anderson is one of many seeking to escape - but one retired teacher unexpectedly returns. In college life, nothing is quite what it seems: wherever you look, smoke gets in your eyes!

Continuing the story begun in Conversations, with ClocksSmoke gets in your Eyes sustains a clear, sympathetic and shrewd analysis of the lives and aspirations of those thrown together in a close school environment.

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John Goddard taught English for over forty years at university level and at various schools in Australia and, briefly, in England. His love of literature is what inspired his teaching over all that time. He is retired and lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, writing and keeping track of children and grandchildren spread all over the world.