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Relentless Echoes

Paul Lambert

Love and war meet in the last outposts and privilege of colonial Africa in Paul Lambert's debut novel.


Sexually abused and exploited during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, can a young Englishwoman ever be liberated from an ordeal of which she can tell nobody?


Can any woman's heart find a haven when her body has been so abused? Or must Cecelia's war, like her loneliness, last a lifetime?


Can Cecelia settle for security and a quiet life with her colonial family in Africa, where the War has been little more than a distant storm cloud? Or will she find herself drawn into romantic adventures against her better judgement, daring to trust men again?


Relentless Echoes pulls the reader through times and troubles, at once exotic and familiar, feeling the pulse of Africa on the cusp of change whilst listening to the heart of a woman in and out of love.

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Paul Lambert was born in Mombasa, Kenya. The family immigrated to New Zealand when he was nine. He travelled extensively for years before settling back in Australia.

As a mature-aged student he achieved a BA/Bed at Southern Cross University.

At one time, he worked on the land as a permaculturist and transformed a cattle property into an orchard, grew organic vegetables, herbs and also raised chickens and turkeys.

In his spare time, he writes. This book is his first attempt at writing a novel based on a true story.

He now lives and works in Cairns, Queensland, teaches English to foreign students, is a carer for spinal injuries clients and where he seems to have found a niche.