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Lisa M. Mezta-Lopez

At sixteen, Justin Ancin, an ordinary American boy from an average American home, gave in to his darker impulses and ended up in prison before he could even start life after high school. Fifteen years later, he's served his time and is ready for life to begin, but before he can start something new, he has a mission. Two years before he was released, his mom was murdered, and the case went cold. He wants justice for his family, and thinks he has a way to achieve it. While still in prison, he developed an uncanny supernatural ability to spot killers, and he convinces the detective in charge of the case to help him use his new skill to track down the man who murdered his mom. Once, Justin was the killer brought to justice. Now he's going to be the one finding the killers.

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Mezta-Lopez was born and raised with five other siblings fifty-nine years ago, in a small city located along the California and Mexico border. Her father moved the entire family to San Diego, California when she was only nine years old. She remained in San Diego most of her life, until she and her daughter moved to live in Las Vegas, Nevada for ten years.
Now back in San Diego again, she currently works from home helping clients over the phone with their auto and home insurance policies. Having the luxury of not commuting anywhere now gives her more time to write and create with her daughter Lauren Elizabeth and spend time with her two cats.
She is thrilled to put her fascination with the whodunit into a story that has never had this type of twist before.