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More About Tim and His Parrot Carolina

Elizabeth Love

Follow the next adventure of Timothy and his pet parrot, Carolina.

Tim still loved the enchanted wood and the wonderful flowers, plants and animals it held. He marveled at the beautiful girl, Amy, who had become his friend. He had become strong and intelligent since his discovery and was no longer the weakling his parents had known from birth.

As he grew stronger, his parents felt that he should attend school rather than remain at home but that in itself posed a problem.

Tim didn't know he was about to embark on another adventure but this time miles away from home in Edinburgh with his Aunt Thora. Would he settle at school? Would he take Carolina with him on a big adventure to Barbados as he promised himself? Could he find the girl of his dreams and make his vision a reality or would that be a step too far?

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Elizabeth Love, whose parents both came from generations of farming folk, was born on a farm at Reagill, near Shap. She has lived and worked in a clerical capacity all her life, for some time for the once well-known firm of seedsmen and nurserymen, Little and Ballantyne of Carlisle. A great lover of the countryside around her home town of Carlisle, she writes about her observations and colours her stories with occupational and human interest.She is now retired and enjoys writing poetry and prose, painting and embroidering pictures.