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Le Cadeau De L'amour

Steven Sullivan

Three families, all very different. They had moved into the new build houses on the estate at the same time, one child born to each family, and had become friends from the beginning.

Barbeques, holidays, days out - they were all involved and went everywhere together, sharing many happy times and fond memories.

But things changed the day the three children - Tommy, Louise and Sophie - now in their teens, went on holiday together. They had grown up like brothers and sisters but were now adults. They were suddenly alone in Portugal and the mixture of sun, excitement, and their freedom brought hidden sexual feelings out, leading to a holiday romance.

There always had to be an odd one out though and, when both girls fell in love with Tommy, it was inevitable one of them would get hurt.

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I am the only son in a family of four, born to a working-class family. We were poor in financial terms but we inherited a rich and interesting history from our ancestors. Family gathered and the stories of the past thrilled me as a child. There were real life stories of raw emotion and events born out of actual experiences and learning.

I have been on a long lifetime journey; personal experience led me to a Spiritual pathway and I actively pursue this as an integral part of my very being.