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Laura, Come Back to Me

Michael Dowle

It's 2004. Jack and Laura meet at sixteen, falling in love while running her father's antique business. Ten years on, they decide to marry...within an hour, Laura saves a boy's life on the train tracks, being hit in the process.

Jack loses his soul mate. Laura passes away, in his arms!

With Jack spiralling into grief, his mother tells him they can bring Laura back. Thinking she's crazy, Jack mourns for four days, until his brother Harry returns from their native Ireland, where he is a priest-in-training. He convinces Jack to talk to their mother and Jack realises there is a chance, with her mystical stones and his brother's knowledge of the Book of Scrolls.

But they only have seven days, knowing that they need Laura's father, Dempsey, to make it happen. He is torn, undecided whether to help or not.

Day seven arrives. Does Dempsey help? Will it fail? Or can it work?

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One of seven, always playing sport as a kid. When married, I used to keep diaries. In family cards, I'd write poems, or a little story to the recipient.

My work for many years was in the transport industry, then the Port of Dover. My jobs were administrative, so I wrote many, many reports, completing endless documentation. Luckily, I like writing!

More recently, I delivered the mail, progressing to the role of a postman! Having experienced many challenges, mistakes and changes in recent years, I'm an easy going, laid-back, happy father.

Plus, wonderfully, I'm a grandad...and now, an AUTHOR!