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Kwaheri Nairobi

Paul Lambert

The end of Emily's long career was in sight.
She had worked for airlines in Nairobi for many years and knew the challenges of running a successful company inside out, but that meant nothing when the country became independent and no longer tolerated a white woman in authority.
Returning home to Africa after her wartime service, she met and married the man who was to be her partner for forty-five years. She couldn't settle into the life of being an obedient housewife and mother and forged a career as an airline executive in what was a man's world. Her career had taken her to the top.
Emily had never conformed to social norms, in life or in love. She worked hard but also liked to play hard - living life to the full. After witnessing family and friends repatriated, she left the only life she had known. It was now time to say kwaheri (goodbye) to Nairobi.

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Paul Lambert was born in Mombasa, Kenya. The family immigrated to New Zealand when he was nine. He travelled extensively for years before settling back in Australia.

As a mature-aged student he achieved a BA/Bed at Southern Cross University.

At one time, he worked on the land as a permaculturist and transformed a cattle property into an orchard, grew organic vegetables, herbs and also raised chickens and turkeys.

In his spare time, he writes. This book is his first attempt at writing a novel based on a true story.

He now lives and works in Cairns, Queensland, teaches English to foreign students, is a carer for spinal injuries clients and where he seems to have found a niche.