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Institution Child - The Beginning

Gudeta U. Bayissa

Living across cultures is not only a challenge, but also a fun and a huge discovery. One discovers social and cultural codes, systems, prejudices, conflicts and confusions. Institution Child - The Beginning, though fictional and imaginative, brings to readers the making of meanings under different contexts in real time. The ups and downs in human agencies, the trust and mistrust, the deviation and consistency in life across cultures are portrayed in this book on such breathtakingly designed scenery. The book is about love, about confrontation, about commitment and dilemma, and about crying and confessing souls, that are longing to evolve.

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Gudeta Urgessaa Bayissa, a journalist, interpreter, translator and a playwright, is originally from Ethiopia, now a Norwegian citizen residing in Bergen. He has a Bachelor degree in cultural and social sciences and a Master degree in social anthropology from The University of Bergen. Gudeta Urgessa Bayissa has published earlier a book entitled Transformed Oromo Lives and Secularization of Identity - Oromo Narratives from Norwegian Context, based upon his anthropological fieldwork. Institution Child - The Beginning is the first book of the novel he has planned to publish in three books.