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How the Mzungu Finds her Feet

S M Bretherton

Ruth Ross has just stepped off a plane in East Africa. She is full of expectation for the adventure ahead. However, the apparent indifference of her guide and an incident at the airport - not to mention her choice of footwear - make her question how prepared she really is.
Then Ruth meets Naomi. Inspired by Naomi's vision for the impoverished of Mwanza, Ruth finds new purpose and decides to knuckle down. Meeting Naomi's son, Andi, is an added bonus. But how much does Ruth really know about him?
In Africa, much as at home in Scotland, Ruth faces challenges in her work and in her personal life. Jealousy, lies, unimaginable tragedy and a life-changing choice test her as never before. Will she sink or swim?

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S M Bretherton is a writer who has been struck by her experiences of working and travelling in East and Southern Africa.
With a career spanning international development and primary education, she has written several feature articles and conducted radio interviews, a number of which have been published and broadcast in the UK and Africa.
Having recently discovered the joys of running, she is currently training for a marathon on the north-west coast of England, where she now resides with her daughter and their six-year-old Jackapoo.